you can only manage what you can measure.

C2Do is a simple business performance management (BPM) software. You can set your business goals and see their progress. It is the most effective & advanced way of tracking your business performance.

  • Real time business performance management (BPM) system at your palm.
  • Manage your KPIs and your Team’s, and Organization’s performance.
  • Free KPI single user mode, available in Andriod & IOS.
  • Two Corporate flavors available:
    • Standard for effective and organic organizations.
    • Enterprise: for strategic organizations to implement balance score card BSC.
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Corporate mode

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  • Business performance management (BPM) has three main activities: 1.Selection of goals. 2.Consolidation of measurement information relevant to an organization’s progress against selected goals. 3.Intervention made by managers in light of this information with a view to improve future performance against selected goals.

  • Strategy Execution is the implementation of your strategic planning and monitoring the execution. Balance score card is the tool used to implement the strategy execution. Successful strategy execution is the key factor in profitable organizations.

  • KPI dashboards allow managers to monitor the performance contribution of their team as well as various departments in organization. Live information at all management’s palm provides a better view of an overall organization’s performance. Ease of use and data mobility is key success to business performance.

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